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  • For you. You bring out the Dolores del Rio. The Mexican spitfire in me. The raw navajas, glint and passion in me. The raise Cain and dance with the rooster-footed devil in me. The eagle and serpent in me.
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[03 Jul 2013|12:23am]
Behind here )

[04 Jun 2013|10:04pm]
I also want an ice cream sandwich

[17 Oct 2012|08:58pm]
Told you it was a placeholder. Now lets get into the carne and papas of the month. I'd go into details of my injury, but this isn't really the time and place. And if [info]mickis_jaree can go check herself into a hospital for a tune up / shock therapy / exorcism maintenance or personal improvement and not tell you? Then you gets no details from here either.

My Tijuana adventure did result in some interesting So the rumors can be struck from the record. Lets call this What I didn't Do on my Fall Vacation

1- Wrestle. While "Injured" is a codeword used for "promoter didn't pony up", or "dragged along to another comedy club", this one means that wrestling in TJ isn't an option. Although I'd totally consider going under a mask for WWA, perhaps on the next run.

2- Have to stay. Passports and autographs do keep La Migra from searching too deeply. Johnny once threatened to leave me in Mexico for getting smart. I told him not only would I beat him back home, I'd make it there with at least two-thousand in my pockets and a new bag. And then I'd kick him the fuck out for leaving me in the first place. As you can guess, one of us flew back home first class, and the other stayed in the back with Miz. Wait...

3- Alberto Del Rio. It seems that terrorizing small children and their Tweetering Moms is now the heel standard for main eventers. Unless you're Dolph Ziggler. Then the children get their own nightmares of things done to their mother. That said? Seriously, the "bullying" buzzword is getting a little overused. That performing character that's out there insulting people in an accent, wearing a bitchy white scarf, and glaring at your child? In about fifteen minutes there's a big old white guy that's gonna kick him in the face. Good beats evil usually on the shows, so enjoy it from your seats. That said, I'm not the target audience by any means here because the last time Catholics went to battle with a Mexican hierarchy, things were a little more high stakes. I lost my point somewhere around "bullying". I also did not have sex with Alberto Del Rio. I blame the Irish.

4- Play with Charlie Bear!! :P Between getting a little necessary snip, and general unhappiness with his mother for that and the "Cone of Shame". Speaking of, how have I not seen that!? Also, I miss my baby. Mexico isn't very keen on allowing dogs in the country, due to shot records, and the fact that he's got a higher chance of staying than I do if eyes aren't kept. Its not just Dorothy who has a risk of a dog going basket bumping.

So that's my snippet of life for now. It's good, its bad, its beautiful. Maybe its time to remind myself of just that.

Betty Page is still the rage; With her legs and leather. [25 Apr 2012|12:32am]
[ music | Suzanne Vega - "Pornographer's Dream" ]

Remember what I said last time about "complex"? Yeah, that's not even half of it. So I'm going to let this month's look into my life be about you all too. A few don't recall or weren't around for Christy's previous "secrets" post so I'll bring that back for this go-round. So anonymous or not, sugar or spikes, honey or vinegar, leave them behind.

Tell me Your Secrets )

Walked through the door and brought home all my selfish ways [30 Nov 2011|04:28pm]
[ music | El Debarge of course... ]

Okay, first of all...why has no one told me before El Debarge isn't Puerto Rican? I'd crossed him off my list years ago for that very specific reason. So at the age of fifty, and since Stacy's trapped George Clooney, then I gotta adjust. Also, you go bitch.

Chico, however, stayed on the list. That said, he did more than a few songs about having no money, a one room ghetto hideout, and a parole. One's hot. Two or three, yeah, a little too ethnic for me.

I'll pause now to answer [info]doubletrouble and her reference to my sexual preferences once and for all. If I didn't appreciate beauty, both male and female, then I'd be a sad, overly horny and confused individual. I know what I like, and I'm finding new things to "know" all the time. That said. I'm bitchy, never wrong, kind of annoying, headstrong, and have entirely too much M.A.C in my cabinets. (Shut up Johnny) Why the hell would I want TWO of me?

Mickipedia just isn't happening. I'm sure Mickie may want to reference it once a month just to piss me off, but I know a losing battle when I see it. Like her trying to wear my jeans. BOOM! Haha hooker! please write about me.

Anything new on the work front? Well, I didn't show up in Orlando to whip Gail's ass up and down the Dr. Doom ride. And Madison. Karen used to look at me funny at Smackdown tapings, so she can get some too. No, I didn't sign. Yes, I did have the honor of working an amazing show against Lexxus of the Boston Shore. Is she the best known wrestler I've gone around with? No. Is she the best? No. Its relative. Did she give me one hell of a time out there? OH yeah. That's someone who can go as far as she wants to, and that's a compliment paid to the entire women's group there. I'm hella proud of all of them, and she should know. NOBODY leaves me laying for long.

And on to the next one. I won't chime in on the Divas and Knockouts apples and papaya anymore. There's more than enough ready to do so and "advise". Speaking of, "Hi Trish! You're totally the funniest person that you know."

I always sleep with my guns when you're gone [20 Sep 2008|03:28am]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | "Goodnight Moon" by Shivaree ]

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